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He said then when he said it he was like ''OOOooo'' He said when he saw it the clip was like in slow motion to him. He said white guys like that just can't get away with it. Howard took a call from King of All Blacks who said Bill Maher wasn't saying ''nigger.'' He said the first thing that came to him was that he's too good to work in the fields. Howard said he likes Sour King of All Blacks better.

Howard said it wasn't necessary and it wasn't a good thing to say. Howard said he's not sure if Bill is racist or not. Howard said you want to be funny and he thinks Bill was trying to be funny. He said he remembers carrying the dog and getting out of the city on that helicopter. He said he wouldn't have said that if the fields thing wasn't brought up. Howard said he doesn't know where they're going with this. King said they have this show about Side Chicks who fuck with married men. Sour was doing material about Moen faucets and Moen sneakers. Robin had some details about his show this week and the guests that he's going to have.

Howard said he and Bill Maher are in some kind of tiff over nothing.

He said they haven't' been friends since he didn't back him on something controversial he said years ago. Howard said he likes Bill's show and he watches his show. He said some celebrities are likeable and Bill isn't one of those guys. He said he's a little bit arrogant and all of that. Fred said he thinks he might be going back to natural.

one, two.'' He said his dad was a recording engineer and he loved testing. Fred played some of that audio where Ben was talking about ''proper modulation'' and ''a green type of tube.'' Howard laughed. He said his dad had an engineering background and he knew what that stuff was. Robin brought up the Wonder Woman movie and Howard asked if she saw it yet. Howard said he was reading about the female director and they're saying that the reason for the big success is that she told a story with heart and it worked.

Howard said he had a female director for his movie ''Private Parts'' and he thinks that helped bring it some heart too.

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He said that he doesn't appear to have animosity toward racial groups or anything. Howard said HBO has said it was despicable and deplorable and maybe they're right. He said his voice is important and it should be heard. Howard said with Bill Maher he's not sure there is a history there. Howard said when he read about that he was trying to get them to keep that quiet. Howard said she must have gotten into a panic over being fired. Robin said that there used to be people who would put their elderly parents in a garage looking out on people during the summer. He did a live commercial read and then went to break. Howard said he took a good look and felt like touching himself. Howard said he didn't know her as a kid so his penis didn't skip a beat.

Howard said people are calling for him to be fired over this.

Howard said he was watching it knowing this was coming. Howard said these calls are very few and far between. Howard had Sour Shoes on the phone doing his King of All Blacks impression.

He said he hears people like Roger Waters talking about the Jews and Israel and it makes him angry. Howard said he knows how a black man would feel about Bill dropping the N-word. Howard said he knows Bill's show is live and when you're doing a show live you say a lot of things. He said his track record with his views shows he's very funny and intelligent. Robin said now they know who the guys are that are buying the buckets of food. King said he just wanted him to know why he said it. Howard would try to hang up and Sour would suck him back in. Robin had a list of some of the guests they'll have on and they're going to have a bunch of black guests on.

Howard said he's not throwing around the n-word a lot. Howard said if he had that Trump head he'd throw it at this caller. She said it's that guy with the crazy voice they talked to earlier. Howard took a call from a woman who said that Howard did it again with this interview. Robin said she saw a picture of Ireland Baldwin in the paper the other day.

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